Environment Notes For UPSC IAS Exam By Yuvraj IAS

Environment Notes For UPSC IAS Exam By Yuvraj IAS


1. Environment and Ecosystem, Components of an Ecosystem
2. Ecology: Levels, Principles and Organizations
3. Ecotone: Edge Effect, Edge Species and Ecological Niche
4. Functions of Ecosystem: Ecological succession, Homeostasis
5. Energy Flow through an Ecosystem: Food Chain, Food Web
6. Energy Flow through an Ecosystem: Ecological Pyramids
7. Carbon Cycle, Nitrogen Cycle, Phosphorus and Sulphur Cycle
8. Biomes or Terrestrial Ecosystems and Aquatic Ecosystems
9. Wetland Ecosystem, Measures to Protect Wetlands, NWC, & Ramsar Convention on Wetlands
10. Ramsar Sites in India
11. Estuarine Ecosystem, Mangroves, Mangroves in India
12. Air Pollution: Air Pollutants, Classification of Air Pollutants
13. Effects of Air Pollution: Acid Rain and Ocean Acidification
14. Controlling Air Pollution: Bharat Stage VI, National Air Quality Index
15. Water Pollution: Causes & Effects, Eutrophication, Algal Blooms
16. Water Pollution Control Measures: Bio-Toilets
17. Radioactive Pollution: Ionizing & Non-Ionizing Radiation
18. Soil Pollution, Solid Waste, Hazardous Waste, Electronic Waste
19. Land Degradation, Soil Erosion and Soil Conservation
20. Biodiversity of India, Biodiversity Hotspots of India
21. Loss of Biodiversity, Biodiversity Conservation: In Situ & Ex Situ
22. Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming
23. Earth Summit 1992, UN Environment, Rio+20, CBD, UNFCCC
24. Kyoto Protocol, Paris Agreement, INDC
25. Project Tiger | Project Elephant | Project Indian Rhino | Project Snow Leopard
26. Green Revolution | Bringing Green Revolution in Eastern India (BGREI)
27. National Action Plan On Climate Change
28. IUCN Red List 2016
29. ‘Critically Endangered’ & ‘Endangered Fish’ in India: IUCN Red List
30. 2016 IUCN Red List: Miscellaneous list
31. Environment and Ecosystem, Components of an Ecosystem


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