How To Start UPSC CSE Preparation

How To Start UPSC CSE Preparation

You can start your preparation by doing the following things:

Understanding the pattern of UPSC CSE examination

  • See the whole examination from an integrated approach ( pre-cum Mains approach is best)
  • Do not say let me clear the pre-first than I will start preparing for mains
  • Always remember the important date in the whole examination manner
  • Do not waste time thinking ” Still a lot of time is left”

Syllabus: Take a print out of the UPSC syllabus. Stick it to the wall of your study room and read it every day. You should know the syllabus topics on your fingertips. This single step will help you immensely to shift through the endless material available in the market. You will be able to remove the wheat from the chaff.


  • Start reading relevant NCERT books from 6 to 12th standard. (Booklist For NCERT Syllabus)
  • Start Reading some newspaper (The Hindu/Indian Express) and brief notes to improve general awareness
  • Listen to News and analysis on TV channels. DD/BBC/CNN/RajyaSabha channels should be preferred.

Start reading the newspaper: Current affairs play a major role in both prelims and mains stage. Their relevance cannot be overstated. You can choose b/w The Hindu or Indian Express.

Selection of optional

  • Take into consideration factors your own academic background, Interest, Time available, and access to resources before selecting options.
  • There is nothing like good or bad optional, lengthy, and small optional, these perceptions vary from person to person depending upon individual situation and capabilities.
  • Do not decide the optional on the basis of the success of others.
  • Give sufficient time to yourself to finally decide the optional.
  • No optional is scoring or not scoring, it all depends upon how you have prepared it.
  • Do not decide the optional on the basis of general studies.
  • Take responsibility for your decision and prepare religiously.

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Selecting Study Material

  • Do not collect the material as it comes
  • Take a conscious decision to consult an expert while choosing it or refer to past year papers.
  • Do not ignore studying standard textbooks, concentrating simply on notes never helps

Quick Points

  • Analyze The UPSC Syllabus And Exam Pattern.
  • Start With 6-12th Class NCERT Books Along With It Read The Hindu Newspaper.
  •  After Covering NCERT’s Come To Standard Books  Such As Indian Polity By Laxmikanth, etc. To Cover Prelims & Mains Syllabus.
  • Select Your Optional Subject And Start Its Preparation Along With Your Prelims Preparation.

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