Important Books for Law Optional for UPSC IAS Mains Exam

Books for Law optional Paper I

Paper 1 of the Law optional has conceptual parts and less technical. This paper consists of two separate segment Constitutional Laws, Administrative Law and International Law. To tackle Paper I of Law optional aspirant should need some essential books for reference.

  • Constitution of India
  • Our Constitution – Subhash C. Kashyap
  • The Constitution of India (Bare Act) – PM Bakshi
  • An Introduction to Public International Law – S. K. Verma
  • Introduction to the Constitution of India – D.D Basu
  • Constitution of India- VN Shukla
  • International Law – Malcolm N Shaw
  • Administrative Law – I.P. Massey
  • International Law- S. K Kapoor

Best Books for Law Optional in UPSC

Books for Law optional Paper II

Law optional Paper II ideals with hardcore laws and more technical. It consists of two segments as paper I. They are:

  1. Section A – Law of Torts and Law of Crimes
  2. Section B – Mercantile Law, Law of Contracts, and Contemporary Legal Developments
  • Indian Penal Code- KD Gaur
  • Mercantile Law – R.K. Bangia
  • Jurisprudence – P.K. Tripathi and Dias
  • Indian Penal Code – Autochthon Pillai
  • Indian Penal Code-Ratanlal and Dhirajlal
  • Principles of Mercantile Law- Avtar Singh
  • Law of Tort – Autochthon Pillai
  • Indian Contract Act Specific Relief Act- Pollock and mulla

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