Mapping Booklet For UPSC IAS Exam By Yuvraj IAS

Mapping Booklet For UPSC IAS Exam By Yuvraj IAS

Topics Covered In This Booklet

1. Highest Peaks in the States of India
2. Important lakes of India
3. Major Ports in India
4. Hydroelectric Power Plants in India
5. Marine Protected Areas in India
6. List of Dams and Reservoirs in India
7. List of National Parks in India
8. Thermal Power Plants In India
9. National Waterways in India
10. Major national highways in India
11. Important Cities and Rivers
12. Major Crops In India
13. The Major River Systems in India
14. Natural Vegetation in India
15. Classification Of Soil in India
16. Biosphere Reserve in India
17. Important Mountain Passes in India
18. Major Straits of the world
19. Major Local Winds Around Globe
20. Industrial Regions in India
21. Mineral belts in India
22. Petroleum and Natural Gas
23. Major Chemical fertilizer Industries in India
24. Major Pharmaceutical Companies in India
25. List of Domestic airports in India
26. List of International airports in India
27. Oil and Gas Pipelines In India
28. List of Wetlands in India
29. List Of States From Where Tropic of Cancer Passes
30. List of Indian States and Union Territories and Their Capitals
31. Seas, Gulfs, Bays, And Straits Of The Indian Ocean
32. UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites: Names from India
33. List of Famous Places in India
34. List of Zoos in India
35. List of waterfalls in India
36. List Of Deserts In India
37. The International Border Lines of India
38. List of High courts in India
39. List of universities in India
40. Project Tiger Reserves of India
41. List of Elephant Reserves of India
42. List of Global Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) Sites in India
43. List of volcanoes in India
44. List of Famous Beaches in India
45. Important Islands of India
46. Hill Stations of India
47. Mountains and Hills of India
48. Highest Mountains of Indian States
49. List of Indian Air Force stations
50. Museums in India
51. Important Industrial Towns of India
52. Bridges, Statues, Stupas in India
53. Indian Monuments and Why they were built
54. Caves, Gates, and Towers of India
55. Central Jails & Libraries in India
56. Mosques and Tombs in India
57. Forts and Palaces of India
58. Temples of India
59. Archeological Sites and their locations
60. Gardens in India
61. Mineral Wealth of India – Steel
62. Forest Cover in India
63. Important Fairs of India
64. Classical and Folk Dances of India
65. Nuclear Power Stations In India
66. Nuclear Power Plants coming up
67. Heavy Water Plants in India
68. List of valleys in India
69. List of Important Glaciers of the Himalayas Mountain Range
70. National Waterways in India
71. Earthquake Zones in India
72. List of Space Centers in India
73. Rocket Launch Sites In India


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