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Ancient History MindMaps By Yuvraj IAS – A Quick Way To Cover And Revise The Syllabus.

Study Ancient History In A Short Time With Yuvraj IAS Ancient History MindMaps.

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How To Use MindMaps?
✥ Use Mind Maps To Read The Topics Faster With Complete Topic Coverage.
✥ Try To Write Sentences Or Paragraphs Using Mind Maps. This Will Help You To Write Better In Your Mains Examination. It Also Aids In Engraving The Topic Better In Your Mind.
✥ Use Them As Flash Cards To Revise Topics.
✥ Use Mind Maps To Revise Faster During Last Minute Preparations.

Topics Covered
1. Prehistory
2. Prehistoric Period
3. Paleolithic Or Old Stone Age
4. Lower Paleolithic Age
5. Middle Paleolithic Age
6. Upper Paleolithic Age
7. Paleolithic Culture
8. Mesolithic Or Middle Stone Age
9. Mesolithic Age- Tools, Pottery And Arts
10. Mesolithic Age
11. Neolithic Or New Stone Age
12. Neolithic Revolution
13. Neolithic Age
14. Neolithic Age – Major sites
15. Chalcolithic Age
16. Chalcolithic Age- Culture
17. Chalcolithic Sites
18. Harappan Or Indus Valley Civilization
19. Harappan Or Indus Valley Civilization-Town Planning
20. Major Cities Of Indus Valley Civilization
21. Indus Valley Civilization-Religion
22. Indus Valley Civilization- Trade And Transportation
23. Harappan Or Indus Valley Civilization Script
24. Indus Valley Civilization – Agriculture And Domestication
25. Indus Valley Civilization-Inventions, Tools Measurement System
26. Indus Valley Civilization – Skilled Occupations
27. Indus Valley Civilization – Society
28. Decline Of Indus Valley Civilization
29. Vedic Period
30. Organization Of Vedic People
31. Economy During Vedic Period
32. Religion During Vedic Period
33. Governance And Defense During Vedic Period
34. Vedic Culture
35. Vedic Society
36. Vedic Literature
37. Rigveda
38. Yajurveda
39. Samaveda
40. Atharva Veda
41. Vedic Composition
42. Mauryan Empire – Establishment And Literary Sources
43. Defence In Mauryan Empire
44. Mauryan Empire – Provincial Divisions
45. Mauryan Empire – Census And Court Visitors
46. Mauryan Empire – Tax Structure And Governance
47. Mauryan Empire – Coinage
48. Mauryan Empire -Departmental Heads
49. Mauryan Art
50. Mauryan Rulers
51. Chera Kingdom
52. Chola Dynasty
53. Pandya Dynasty – Geographical Extent
54. Pandya Dynasty – Important Rulers
55. Pandya Dynasty – Architecture, Religion And Coinage
56. Pandya Dynasty – Expeditions And End Of Dynasty
57. Gupta Dynasty And Its Rulers
58. Gupta Dynasty – Administration
59. Gupta Dynasty – Culture
60. Gupta Dynasty – Art And Architecture
61. Gupta dynasty – Inscriptions
62. Gupta Dynasty – Literature
63. Pallava Dynasty
64. Harsha Kingdom
65. Origin Of Jainism
66. Vardhamana Mahavira
67. Doctrines Of Jainism
68. Jain Conferences
69. Sects In Jainism
70. Spread Of Jainism
71. Buddhism
72. Symbols Of 5 Great Events Of Buddha’s Life
73. Doctrines Of Buddhism
74. Gandhara Art (Greco-Buddhist art)
75. Rajput painting
76. Saranath Pillar
77. Gopurum
78. Vijayanagara Art
79. Bundi School Of Painting
80. Sunga Art
81. Kangra School Of Painting
82. Manjusha Art
83. Madhubani Art
84. Kishangarh School Of Painting
85. Rock – Cut Temple
86. Mathura School Of Art
87. Chola Architecture
88. Kulu School
89. Chaitya
90. Nagara Style Of Architecture
91. Chandella School Of Architecture
92. Dravadian Architecture
93. Mughal Painting
94. Effect Of Islamic Rulers On India Architecture
95. Hindustan Music
96. Carnatic Music
97. Ahmadiya Movement

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