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Now Save Your Money And Time With Yuvraj Ias Special Ncert Notes Of Economics For UPSC CSE & Other Competitive Exams. Earlier A Student Has To Read Around 5 Ncert Books For Economics And This Was Not An Easy Task As It Consumes A Lot Of Time & Effort But Now Our Team Of Experts Have Made Notes Out Of All Economics Ncerts And Included All The Topics In A Single Book. Not Only Important Topics Practice MCQ’s Are Also Given In This Book So This Single Book Will Serve As One Stop Solution For Beginners.


✅ All NCERT’s Covered From Class 9th To 12th
✅ Designed By Experts
✅ Friendly Pattern
✅ Available In PDF Format
✅ Easy To Carry Anywhere
✅ 100 Practice MCQ’s
✅ NCERT Economics Notes Available At An Affordable Price
✅ Comprehensive Coverage
✅ Topics Explained With The Help Of Diagrams, Infographics, Pictures, Tables, Etc
✅ Topics Covered In Detail
✅ Chapter-wise Coverage

Book Details (Format: PDF, Page: 116)

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Topics Covered

NCERT Class 9th: Economics

Chapter 1: The Story of Village Palampur
Chapter 2: People As Resource
Chapter 3: Poverty As A Challenge
Chapter 4: Food Security In India

NCERT Class 10th: Understanding Economic Development

Chapter 1: Development
Chapter 2: Sectors of Indian Economy
Chapter 3: Money And Credit
Chapter 4: Globalization And The Indian Economy
Chapter 5: Consumer Rights

NCERT Class 11th: Indian Economic Development

Chapter 1: Indian Economy On The Eve Of Independence
Chapter 2: Indian Economy 1950 – 1990
Chapter 3: Liberalization, Privatization, And Globalization: An Appraisal
Chapter 4: Poverty
Chapter 5: Rural Development
Chapter 6: Human Capital Formation In India
Chapter 7: Employment: Growth, Informalization, And Related Issues
Chapter 8: Infrastructure
Chapter 9: Environment Sustainable Development
Chapter 10: Comparative Development Experience Of India With Its Neighbors

NCERT Class 12th: Introductory Microeconomics & Macroeconomics

Chapter 1: Microeconomics & Macroeconomics Introduction
Chapter 2: National Income And Related Aggregates
Chapter 3: Money And Banking
Chapter 4: Government Budget And The Economy
Chapter 5: Balance Of Payment

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